Getting there

Degrees Latitude: 0.228714 (Degrees Minutes: 00°13.72158’N)
Degrees Longitude: 37.938620 (Degrees Minutes: 37°56.31804’E)

If you are coming by car you can use the Google Map on this page for directions, or see below.
Maua is 60 km north of Meru Town, the commercial and communications hub of the region, on the north-western slopes of the scenic Nyambene Range.

By public transportation
Maua is well served by public transportation. Buses and Matatu shuttles depart at all times of the day from the neighbourhood of downtown Nairobi popularly known as “Tea Room”, off Accra Road.

By private vehicle
From Nairobi, Meru town is accessible along the Mount Kenya ringroad; from the south, around the east side of the mountain via Embu; from the north-west, around the west and the north side, via Nyeri and Nanyuki. Maua town is to the north-east of Meru.

In Meru town, take the C91 highway at the junction with the B6 (Embu-Meru highway) at Makutano and head in the direction of Maua. Stay on the main thoroughfare through Maua; go past Oil Libya petrol station (on the left); past the gate to Maua Methodist Hospital (on the left); and past National Bank (to the right). Take the next turn to the right and drive for 0.25 km. Take the next left turn at Nyambene Arimi Sacco for another 0.25 km down the murram road and you are at iKWETA Country Inn & Conference Centre.